Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Twas The Week Before Christmas Break

'Twas The Week Before Christmas Break
Donna M Cooper

‘Twas the week before Christmas break
And throughout all the schools
The children were naughty
And breaking the rules

The students who once were
Well behaved, never pouting
Have become like wild animals
Running, jumping, climbing, shouting

"They begin in the morning”
The teachers declare
And continue all day
"I’m pulling out my hair”

"They must be loaded
With sugar and treats,
With Candy Canes, and Chocolate Santas
And Even Snowman Peeps”

The once loving children
Who gave kisses and hugs
Are spoiled and evil
And looking like thugs

The teachers are crying
They don’t know what to do
"Would we be in trouble?
If we got cages like a zoo?”

Then one bright young woman
A teacher extraordinaire
Decided she could figure out
What to do, because she cared

She put on Christmas music
And laughed with them all
They played games, ate candy
And pranced through the halls

She knew she must join them
Or go out of her mind
So she put on her smile
And was loving and kind

Then the last day of school came
The children went home
She thought to herself
When she was alone

"I’ve made it to the break
For two weeks I’m free
Now the Moms and the Dads
Are all climbing the tree!"

But even with all
The chaos in my class
I love all my children
And they’re really a blast

I miss them already
I’m lonely and blue
I can’t wait ‘til January
And that’s really true

But for now I’ll dream
Of the little angels I love
And hope they are blessed
By God up above

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