Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Letting Go...

As a Mom, I find that I'm often having to let go.
If I got a report card for Mommying, I'd probably flunk this subject. Letting go is not always easy. As a matter for fact, sometimes
letting go is extremely difficult, even when it is about seemingly little things.

I have dark hair...well, God is in process of highlighting my dark hair, but before He was doing that it was a deep dark brown, almost black. I always admired blond hair, and although I'd never change the color of my hair, I guess I'm a bit jealous of those who have beautiful blond tresses.

To my surprise and delight, my son was blessed with blond hair. He was bald for a long time, but when he finally grew hair it was BLOND! I found that cute little bowl/surfer cut fit him so well. I loved touching it. I loved looking at it. I loved it. Just a melt-your-heart-cute-kid look.

This was then...

Deep sigh.

As Jonathan gets older...the blond hair is changing to more like blondish brown.
He's also outgrown the little boy look of the bowl/surfer cut.
Sniff Sniff.

Yesterday, Mama gave up the cute look. He's now got a more grown up, tousled look. Very appropriate for a 9 year old...

This is now...How did I get so attached to a hair style? And why are my eyes leaking as I write this?
Because inevitably this is visual reminder that my son is not so little anymore.

We seek, teach, pray, hope, desire maturity in our kids. We really don't want them to stay 3 years old forever. But then there are times we mourn the fact that they are growing up.

So yesterday was one of those big days for Mama. I conceded.
Big boy look.

However it doesn't matter
how old he is or
how tall he grows or
what size he wears or
what grade he's in or
even the grown up new hair style...
I will comfort myself with these words...

He'll ALWAYS be my baby!!


kristi said...

TC had that blonde blonde hair too. Now it is more sandy. SIGH.

By the way, the new haircut is adorable!

Jodi said...

He is definitely still a melt-your-heart-cute-kid

Carolynn J. Scully said...

Guess what, Donna. You'll fall in love with this hsir cut and color too! There is a time and season for everything and you will find each season has its own unique wonders. You won't stay sad for long!

I love the new look! He is growing up!